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Black Summer Truffle Pesto 6.7oz

Black Truffle is an Italian jewel. Hunted throughout the summer, it has a remarkable flavor unlike anything else. To make our Truffle Pesto, we only add cheese, smooth cashews and pine nuts, as we know that’s all it needs. This Pesto turns average into astounding, mediocre into marvelous, simple into something special. It’s perfect with Tagliatelle or Fettuccine, Ravioli or Agnolotti, eggs and some fondue or as a base for canapés.
Butter pesto
Try adding it to cooked vegetables instead of butter.
Their warmth releases the flavor as the Saclà Pesto Rosso slowly melts through them.

Red pesto dip
Saclà Pesto Rosso imparts a beautiful taste and color to yoghurt, crème fraîche and mayonnaise.
Mix well and then use to top baked potatoes, to accompany salads or simply as a spread on crusty bread.


Sunflower seed oil, cashew nuts, cheese (milk, salt, microbial rennet), whey, black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), salt, flavouring, pine nuts.