Arugula Pesto - Image 1 Arugula Pesto - Nutritional Information

Arugula Pesto 6.7oz

Wild rocket leaves, cheese and pine kernels pounded with aromatic fresh basil. Robust, strong, bitterly taste of rocket with a garlic backnote. Great with seafood in pasta or just spread it on fish fillet before baking; add it also to a dressing for salad or vegetables.
Butter pesto
Try adding it to cooked vegetables instead of butter.
Their warmth releases the flavor as the Saclà Pesto Rosso slowly melts through them.

Red pesto dip
Saclà Pesto Rosso imparts a beautiful taste and color to yoghurt, crème fraîche and mayonnaise.
Mix well and then use to top baked potatoes, to accompany salads or simply as a spread on crusty bread.


Sunflower seed oil, arugula, basil, Pecorino Romano DOP Italian cheese (ewe’s milk, salt, animal rennet), walnuts, sugar, Grana Padanov DOP Italian cheese (cow’s milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme from egg), salt, lactic acid, garlic, vegetable fibre, pine kernels, extra virgin olive oil.